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The U.S. offshore wind market is building momentum based on strong interest and commitments from Northeast and Mid-Atlantic StatesThis has resulted in a project pipeline which may result in nearly 30GW installed capacity by 2035. To build out these systems, the U.S. supply chain will require the successful collaboration between the offshore wind industry, labor, environmental stakeholders, existing companies, new market participants, government, and other institutions. The Dutch sector can help meet the needs and support the growth of the U.S. offshore wind market by sharing experience, engaging in collaborations, and transfering innovative technology and industry practices.

As facilitators of this programming initiative, Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) have organized a series of Webinars in the upcoming months, where experts and stakeholders can inform each other, share insights, and promote an exchange of information and ideas on a variety of offshore wind topics. Connections made in these sessions can help identify potential for future opportunities for cooperation and engagement.

This series of Webinars consists of: 
  • - Webinar 1: Offshore Wind in New England and the Netherlands: Building Partnerships for International Business March 4, 2021 (see more information and registration here)
  • - Webinar 2: Offshore Wind Ports and Vessels: Opportunities for U.S. - Netherlands cooperation - April 1, 2021 (see more information and registration here)
  • - Webinar 3: Foundations and Installation Methods: Opportunities for U.S. - Netherlands Cooperation - April 29, 2021 (see agenda and registration below)

Webinar 3 'Foundations and Installation Methods: Opportunities for U.S. - Netherlands Cooperation'
Objective of this third Webinar is to summarize what types of foundations are expected to be installed in Northeast U.S. The program will also inform participants on the parameters that factor into decisions on the selection of foundations, including costs, risks, engineering, and environmental considerations, regulations, etc. 

Monopiles (MPs) are currently the most commonly used foundation solution for offshore wind turbines with 81% of offshore wind turbines in European waters founded on MPs at the end of 2019 (WindEurope, 2020). The relatively shallow water situation in the southern New England region also favor MPs, but a number of alternative foundations solutions are available depending also on seabed soils conditions, including the suction bucket (SB), suction bucket jacket (SBJ), piled jacket, and gravity base. In deeper waters, including the Gulf of Maine, moored technologies for floating platforms will be necessary. What are the pros and cons of the different foundation solutions in terms of (1) engineering and environmental concerns, (2) local and regional supply chain capabilities, and (3) availability of skilled workforce? In addition, new innovations in the installation techniques such as using hydraulic and vibration driving (blue piling, etc.) are being advanced. What are the environmental risk mitigation benefits of these techniques? What are the cost and logistics implications? Finally, what are individual states doing to grow their local and regional supply chains and in what situations might the Dutch experience help to advance progress?

Agenda Webinar 3
9.30am - 12.15pm EST / 3.30pm - 6.15pm CET

Welcome remarks
HHWE and MassCEC
Overview and advances in foundation and 
installation technologies

National Renewable Energy Lab

    Monopile foundations

SIF Group
    Suction bucket foundations

SPT Offshore
    Gravity-based foundations

Tufts University
NE Aqua Ventus Pilot Project

National Offshore Wind Research and Development
Consortium: Overview, RoadMap, and Project Highlights


NL: Foundations, installation techniques, experience and 

Boskalis, CAPE Holland, IHC IQIP, and
Trelleborg Ridderkerk

Q&A, Wrap-up, future opportunities

HHWE and MassCEC

More information and registration 
For more information about this or the upcoming Webinars, please contact mr. Arjen Schutten, Managing Director Holland Home of Wind Energy (arjen@hhwe.eu / +31 6 46 36 38 54) or mr. Bruce Carlisle, Managing Director Offshore Wind Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (bcarlisle@masscec.com).

For registration related questions, please contact ms. Eline Timmer Manager International Events Holland Home of Wind Energy (eline@hhwe.eu / +31 6 51 24 90 79)

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