CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology for CDWE’s Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm Project in Taiwan
Thursday, January 18, 2024

Beilen, The Netherlands – CAPE Holland, a leading supplier of innovative foundation installation equipment for the offshore industry, is proud to announce its involvement in the Hai Long offshore wind farm project in Taiwan, in collaboration with CDWE, which is a joint venture between DEME Offshore and CSBC Corporation.

CAPE Holland will supply its CAPE Vibro Lifting Tools for the installation of pin piles for the jacket foundations. The CAPE VLT-640 Single will be used initially for the installation of the jacket pin piles and will then be converted to a Tandem version for the installation of the OSS (Offshore Sub Station) foundation piles. The CAPE VLT was selected for the installation to mitigate the risk of pile run and to improve installation efficiency by not requiring a separate upending tool. The project will take place in the Taiwan Strait, off the west coast of Taiwan and will be carried out using CDWE’s Green Jade, the first offshore heavy lift DP3 installation vessel built in Taiwan, flying Taiwanese flag.

The Hai Long offshore wind farm is a 1,044 MW project consisting of two licensed areas, Site 18 and Site 19, with a total of 73 next-generation turbines installed on 3-legged jacket foundations. The project will be developed in three stages, Hai Long 2A, Hai Long 2B, and Hai Long 3, with a timeline from 2023 to 2025. The water depth for the installation is between 41-56 meters and the installation campaign for the jacket piles and OSS piles is scheduled from March 2024 to July 2025.

CAPE Holland’s Vibro Lifting Tool is a cutting-edge pile driving system designed for efficient and quiet installation of offshore foundations. The Vibro Lifting Technology (VLT) allows for upending and lifting, including the handling of the pre-piling template and pile driving to the required depth. The system offers high efficiency and pile run free installation, making it a perfect fit for the Hai Long offshore wind farm project.

“We are honored to be part of CDWE’s Hai Long offshore wind farm project execution and to supply our CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology for the installation of jacket piles and OSS piles. After an extensive period of convincing several parties involved in the project, we succeed to prove our technology is mitigating several risks in the installation process.”, said Laurens de Neef, CEO of CAPE Holland.

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