About HHWE: partner in Dutch wind export

Mission & Vision

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) wants to be the professional export partner of Dutch wind energy companies in existing and emerging wind markets across the globe. We represent, facilitate and promote our members and the Dutch wind industry as a whole. We do this by actively initiating and supporting marketing and promotional activities that will positively influence the image of the Dutch wind energy sector abroad. Quality, innovative strength and knowledge sharing are the key drivers of our result driven export strategy.

Joining forces in conquering emerging markets

HHWE is the independent export association for Dutch (-based) wind power companies. HHWE represents, supports and unites its members in pioneering emerging wind markets across the globe. With an active, result driven export strategy and a strong focus on cooperation, innovation and sharing knowledge and networks, HHWE is your committed partner in the wind export.
With networking events, market intelligence and an extensive export agenda, HHWE actively supports and facilitates its members in entering emerging wind energy markets for offshore (e.g. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US and France) and onshore wind (e.g. Turkey, Brazil and Canada). Our wide range of activities include close monitoring of potential new markets through market surveys and explorations. We regularly organize incoming and outbound trade missions and coordinate joint participation at international wind energy fairs with a Holland Pavilion.

Services & Activities

With its extensive network and expertise in organizing trade missions, matchmaking and trade show participation abroad, HHWE offers a range of services and activities within its export agenda to support members and wind companies in their export ambitions. By combining forces and placing the organization of these activities in the hands of HHWE our members will save time, effort, and money. Detailed information about the benefits of a HWWE membership can be found here.

The export agenda of HHWE includes the following services and activities:

  • Organizing fair participation with a Holland Pavilion
  • Organizing incoming and outgoing trade missions covering company visits, presentations, matchmaking, and social programs
  • Drawing up market reports
  • Organizing seminars
  • Offering legal support to our members

“The Dutch government opens doors which would otherwise have remained closed”

Opening doors with public-private cooperation

HHWE has an unprecedented public private network that offers great advantages in conquering new markets. Close cooperation with the Dutch government, embassies, and diplomatic posts forms an integral part of our business model and export agenda. Thanks to our network of politicians, officials, and employees of government agencies we are able to open doors which would have otherwise remained closed. As such, required government financing for various activities are within reach.

Faster alone, further together

The Dutch are famous for dealing with the forces of wind and water. More than 700 years of experience in wind energy, knowledge, innovative strength and quality ranks us among the absolute world top. HHWE believes cooperation is the key to an even stronger international positioning. Therefore, we are emphatically seeking cooperation with other parties developing wind export activities, such as NWEA, IRO and TKI-WoZ. While sharing knowledge, experience, and networks, we are strengthening each other. Together we can truly get further in the world of wind.

Our story

HHWE was founded in 2011 by Pontis Engineering, VDL Klima, Robert Slettenhaar and We4Ce. Convinced of the fact that combining strengths was fundamental for success, the three companies joined forces to explore market opportunities in China. As no organization in the Netherlands focused on facilitating the export of wind power knowhow, they decided to establish Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE). Aim is to facilitate companies entering new markets and sharing of knowledge, experience and networks. Today, HHWE has grown into a professional export association with a rapidly growing membership and activities in various countries on different continents.

“HHWE is building bridges to wind energy organizations abroad, creating new close contacts”

In recent years, HHWE has distinguished itself by its active, successful approach to emerging wind markets. We have signed cooperation agreements with wind energy associations in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Trade missions and network meetings have brought new and close contacts with foreign companies, resulting in concrete assignments for our members. The HHWE members are also supporting each other commercially by offering joint solutions to foreign companies.

For more information about HHWE and the HHWE membership please contact us.

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