Dutch government and offshore wind industry make long term commitment on Baltic markets
Thursday, October 26, 2023

Excellent news for companies from the offshore wind sector with ambitions in the Baltic States! A cluster of nine Dutch companies from the offshore wind sector will combinedly explore the market in the three countries. They will be supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands embassies in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The public-private partnership agreement was confirmed on 24 October 2023.

By participating in the cluster, participants will gain a clear overview of the Baltic market, insights into upcoming offshore wind projects and on topics such as port logistics and onshore and offshore grid. “Gaining market information is an important argument for many companies to join the cluster on these dynamic developing markets. Sometimes it may be necessary to actively engage with the local governments to alert them to new developments in the market or to create better conditions for the companies to do business”, says Elro van den Burg coordinator of the cluster Linkedbyoffshorewind – the Baltics.

Available market studies

Two offshore wind energy studies were conducted on the market conditions in the Baltic States. They can be found here. In preparation for this cluster, the embassies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and sector organisation NWEA (the Netherlands Wind Energy Association) organised last April and September trade missions to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In May, during an incoming mission, Baltic companies and government officials were introduced to the offshore wind sector in the Netherlands.

Call for participation

Until 24 November 2023 there is still room for Dutch companies to sign up for this public-private-partnership. This will offer the opportunity to enter this market together with peer companies, the support of the local embassies, the Dutch government, and a liaison. For more information you can contact coordinator Elro van den Burg: e.vandenburg@linkedbyoffshorewind.eu.