TMS has successfully implemented an improved design on her Underwater Cutting Tool
Monday, June 27, 2022

TMS has successfully implemented an updated design on her underwater cutting technology. The cutting system uses an gas/oxygen mixture for an efficient and clean cutting process. The cutting speed reaches up to 25cm per minute per torch and uses 2 or 3 torches at the same time.

Underwater camera’s and automated control- and monitoring systems ensure a controlled process. The system is operated autonomously from a base frame on top of the pile and which is suitable to lifting both the pile and the tool simultaneously after finishing the cut.

In June 2022, the tool has been used to remove the 28 monopiles of 3,5m diameter of the Irene Vorrink Windfarm in IJsselmeer NL. These piles were cut 2m below the mudline and removed with the same tool successfully. The 28 piles were cut and removed in 9 working days.

Same TMS technology is currently in use for under water cutting of temporary pile stoppers in offshore jacket installations. Continuous development on this technology is currently in progress within TMS to address the increasing demand for underwater cutting services.