We4Ce presents strongest M36 Bushing of the world!
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
For lower LCOE, HHWE Member We4Ce present the blade root of the future!

We4Ce developed and accomplished certification of the We4Ce M36+ bushing, having reached a reserve factor increase by 1.4. Certification is accomplished according GL2010-DNVGL-0376 – IEC61400-5. Many thanks go to the certification bodies TÜV-Nord and TÜV-Rheinland for the development routing together.

With the new development the root geometry (PCD) can remain longer on the same size. Longer blades can be manufactured with the same root size. Longer blades mean much more energy output and this for the same size of root a lowering in costs.

For interest in this technology, please contact Arnold Timmer (arnold.timmer@we4ce.eu) or Edo Kuipers (e.kuipers@we4ce.eu).

More info via www.we4ce.eu.