Welcome to our newest HHWE member: RelyOn Nutec
Wednesday, July 13, 2022


We provide industry-leading, dedicated safety training for the wind power and renewables sectors. Our experience and knowledge of safety training for the offshore energy sector has proven invaluable in the development and delivery of practical, realistic safety training fully aligned with the needs of our customers in this sector.

Training for better safety in renewables

Our facilities cater to the training needs of employees working at all stages of wind farm development from onshore construction to offshore decommissioning. We are accredited to deliver the GWO training package covering five core modules: working at height, sea, firefighting, manual handling, and first aid.

Our suite of training courses caters for individuals and businesses working across every stage in the development of a wind farm: from onshore construction through site survey, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance through to the final safe decommissioning.

RelyOn Nutec – your global safety training provider

We offer practical and realistic safety training designed specifically for the renewables sector.

Investment in dedicated onsite facilities including wind turbine training towers and boat transfer simulators has helped to ensure that we can meet all the safety and technical training needs of customers worldwide.

Selected courses include working at height, marine safety, confined space, sea survival, fire fighting, manual handling, and first aid, with the option to deliver selected courses offsite or at the customer’s premises.

Get certified by international experts

As an international training provider, we are fully approved to deliver all five modules of the Global Wind Organization’s (GWO) Basic Safety Training Standard.

Our trainers and educators are experts in their fields. They know the hazards of everyday work in the renewables sector. And they know how theory in the classroom is best applied out in the field.

When we teach safety, we try our best to recreate our student’s daily workplace. But recreating a wind farm is not that easy. That is where simulators come in handy.

Simulators are a great way to mimic conditions and scenarios that would be hard to access otherwise. Combined with our skilled instructors the simulators create a perfect learning environment that closely resembles the student’s work conditions.

When employees and emergency response teams have felt the pressure of risky situations and difficult conditions before and have learned how to react, they’re far more likely to act safely and competently in a real-life emergency situation – ensuring the safety of themselves and their co-workers.

For more information, please visit their website www.relyonnutec.com or contact us to get connected!