Welcome to our newest member CORROSION
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

CORROSION has been in the business of protecting offshore wind farms, vessels and onshore applications since 1993. From our humble beginnings in the small town of Moerkapelle in the Netherlands, we’ve grown into an internationally recognized leader in creative, sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions in corrosion and cathodic protection.

In 2006, CORROSION developed the very first impressed current cathodic protection system designed specifically for the offshore wind industry. This environmentally friendly ICCP system also offers more benefits. The system allows you to monitor and control the entire process from shore via a SCADA system. Currently more than 3100 of our systems are in use around the world, making us the international market leader in protecting offshore wind foundations.
We believe that by combining forces and expertise we can offer (turnkey) solutions to serve our customers even better. Together we provide sustainable cathodic protection solutions for offshore wind farms. From design and manufacturing, to commissioning and maintenance.

After successful partnerships with Elsyca, Amphibious Energy and ProCon, we entered another collaboration in 2022. Together with offshore contractor Bluestream we launched the ICCP-SAM. The ICCP-SAM is specifically designed to remotely install ICCP anodes on monopile foundations of all sizes, anywhere on the foundation and even in the roughest ocean conditions.

Do you want to get in touch with CORROSION, contact them at www.corrosion.nl