Welcome to our newest member: Primo Marine
Monday, March 14, 2022

Primo Marine: Leading independent consulting engineers for the oceans’ sustainable energy connections.

Since more than 2 decades Primo Marine advise their clients on major subsea power cable projects, contributing to the greenification of the world’s energy supplies. Primo Marine offers a unique combination of academic knowledge and a long history of field experience to provide smart solutions.

As trustful advisors Primo Marine provides confidence from boardroom to backdeck level in new or existing subsea infrastructure projects, ensuring your interests are protected by balancing cost, risks and technology over the lifetime of the assets.

Primo Marine is passionately guiding their clients on technical, contractual & commercial matters related to interconnectors, export systems, offshore wind farms, new technologies like hydrogen, CO2 pipelines, floating wind, offshore solar and other smart developments beyond the horizon.

Want to get in touch with Primo Marine? Sent us an e-mail via david@hhwe.eu!