Introducing our newest member: TrustLube
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) is pleased to welcome her newest member: Trustlube

TrustLube is a globally operating company, renowned for its high-quality automatic greasing systems. TrustLube designs, manufactures, and installs automatic lubrication and monitoring systems for the maritime, dredging, wind, and food industry. Their systems guarantee the exact dosage, at the correct location, at the desired time, using the correct quantity with the right product. Their own line of Heavy Duty Greases, called Xtreme Grease, is a range of greases all with its own special features, designed for all extreme applications. Besides the significant environmental and economic benefits, their automatic greasing systems effectuate reductions of grease consumption between 70% and 90%. TrustLube’s focus on reliability and flexibility makes them the preferred choice in markets where downtime is not an option.

For more information, please visit their website or contact us to get connected!