Joint Technology Development Agreement between Monobase Wind and Daewoo
Monday, December 13, 2021

In November 2021 Daewoo Engineering & Construction CO.,Ltd ( Republic of Korea ) has signed a Joint Technology Development Agreement for the MSPAR Floater with HHWE member Monobase Wind B.V. ( The Netherlands ). The consortium aims to within 4 years jointly develop the MSPAR Floating offshore Wind Turbine Foundation concept for commercial roll out in 2025. The concept is disruptive in that it allows for inshore assembly of the entire WTG system at quaysides requiring no more than 10-15 m waterdepth and in – situ have a draught of 60-70 m for wind parks in deeper water ( > 70 m waterdepth ) and turbines with a capacity in excess of 15 MW. The design of the MSPAR Foundation can be adapted to suit most deep water areas and MetOcean conditions in the world. The MSPAR Floater will be designed to allow for maximum local content for fabrication, installation and maintenance and will likely include substantial reduction in CO2 emissions during transport and installation. The consortium combines more than 20 years of experience and know how in the field of maritime structural design and fabrication of ships and structures for the naval and offshore industry in general and renewable energy in particular. Monobase Wind and Daewoo E&C are confident the MSPAR Floater will prove to be an economically viable and sustainable offshore wind turbine foundation which will solve many issues currently encountered by developers and their investors. The Consortium will fast track the development of the technology and aims to complete conceptual design and model testing in April 2022, complete Basic Design and certification in principle by the end of 2022 and present a full scale demonstrator to the market in the course of 2024.

Company profile

Monobase Wind B.V. is a design & engineering company established in 2014 and based in the Netherlands, channelling decades of experience in the Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries to develop simple, robust, and integrated solutions. Monobase Wind’s core business includes offshore substructure design and naval architecture. Daewoo E&C is a leader in the construction industry in South Korea since its founding in 1973, realizing best value for its customers through its dedication to change and challenge and its passion for innovation. Our wide range of businesses includes infrastructures (including onshore & offshore wind farms), industrial facilities (including oil and gas plants), skyscrapers, and other buildings. We are also dedicated to leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the development of new and exciting technologies.   For further information please contact David Hoek, Commercial Director Monobase Wind (+31 6 53 52 69 82 |