Survey cybersecurity awareness in offshore wind farms
Monday, January 23, 2023

In your opinion, how is the awareness of cyber security in offshore wind farms?
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, TKI Wind op Zee and the Digitalisation Program of Energy Innovation NL ask the sector that question. The aim is to use the insights from this research to create a set of instruments to raise this awareness. The digital resilience of our offshore wind farms is an important point of attention. Legislation and regulations are becoming stricter (WBNI and NIS-2/NIB) and recent geopolitical developments underline its importance even more.

For this research, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Digitalisation Program and TKI Wind op Zee ask for 10 minutes of your time. Through this questionnaire you can indicate how you think the awareness of cyber security is in the offshore part of our sector.


TKI Wind op Zee and partners are looking for as many answers as possible, as broadly as possible from our sector. Please feel free to distribute the survey among colleagues. The results will help to develop a set of tools to achieve the right level of awareness in our industry. In this way we ensure a robust energy system with and for the offshore wind sector.
In addition to this assignment, the former chairman of NWEA, Hans Timmers, has been asked to act as a quartermaster for cooperation in the field of cyber security. To this end, he conducts discussions with parties from the offshore wind sector and advises on the best form of cooperation. Both assignments from RVO, TKI Wind op Zee and Program Digitization complement each other.