Welcome to our newest member: FibreMax
Friday, August 13, 2021

FibreMax – unique, lighter & stronger. Since years, FibreMax provides to clients all around the world solutions for wind turbines, TLPs, Offshore & Onshore cranes, as well as special applications. Trusted by strong clients, such as Huisman Equipment and LIEBHERR, FibreMax makes the world more efficient.

The story of FibreMax begins on the industrial estate of the Dutch city Joure in 2004. This year, SmartRigging was founded by Rinze-Jan van der Schuit based on the idea of creating synthetic yacht rigging solutions. The first Endless Winding Robot was developed to produce rigging solutions from each fibre needed; PBO, Carbon, Aramide or Dyneema.

In 2008, FibreMax was officially founded with the goal of providing different clients, especially crane manufacturers around the world, with lightweight cable solutions. In this year, the second and even more efficient Endless Winding Robot 2.0 was created.Together with the challenges of our clients, FibreMax grew continuously with its clients. The client’s needs of “wider, faster, lighter and stronger” pushed FibreMax to grow even harder and create even better products.

In the years after, FibreMax moved to a bigger location and added more production space in the upcoming years, totalling over 6000 square meters of space to produce lightweight tendons.

Fast forward to the end of 2019; FibreMax reached for the stars and broke a gigantic world record. The task was to create a cable as light as possible but with a minimum breaking strength of 16,500kN. In October 2019, at the test location of DNV-GL, it became clear that the goal was not only reached, but a new record was broken – at the first attempt, the cable could handle a breaking strength of 17,200 kN!

Since then, FibreMax grew further – thanks to the strongest fibres provided by remarkable partners Teijin en DSM, as well as the unique production method of the Endless Winding Robot. What makes the EWR unique, is that each fibre is parallel wound around the integrated end fitting. Due to this, each fibre has the same level of strength with an identical level of stretch.

FibreMax did not only grow for its clients but also for the environment. For a few years, FibreMax has been working CO2 neutral with the help of over 2,000 solar panels. In addition to that, FibreMax lightweight tendons are nearly 100 per cent recyclable, whereby, for example, old fibres are reused to create brake pads for the automotive industry. Generally, choosing FibreMax is a sustainable solution on its own, since the tendons have such a long lifetime duration.

But what are the plans for the future? The plans are even to go bigger and, of course, greener. FibreMax lightweight tendons accelerate the development of floating wind turbines and Tension Leg Platforms. Together with strong partners in the renewable energy sector, FibreMax will make the world a greener place.

FibreMax – the strongest cable in the world.

Want to get in touch with FibreMax? Sent us an e-mail via eline@hhwe.eu!