New member for HHWE: Biome Renewables
Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Biome Renewables is a Canadian Clean-Tech company that leverages the intelligence of evolution to create a sustainable future. Our mission is to develop and commercialize the critical energy technologies that enable the Global Energy Transition and play a key role in how the world generates power in the 21st century. Our patented flagship PowerCone® technology is an aerodynamic enhancement device that bolts onto the hub of a wind turbine, improving annual performance by more than 10%. The result is not just more power, but power from a place that no bigger blade or smarter software can find it. The PowerCone® addresses the aerodynamic problem of root leakage, the largest contributor to aerodynamic loss in the wind industry, and is applicable to all wind turbines globally. By leveraging the power of Evolved Design, Biome is rewriting more than 100 years of aerodynamic theory and redefining expectations in renewable energy.

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) welcomes the Dutch office of Biome Renewables as new member!

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