Welcome to our newest member Geomil Equipment
Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) is delighted to welcome Geomil Equipment as our newest member!

World’s first manufacturer of CPT equipment

For over 85 years, Geomil has been developing and manufacturing Cone Penetration Technology, devices and related equipment enabling high-quality and effective geotechnical site investigations. CPT data is fundamental for reliable offshore soil profiling as it sets the basis for cost effective project planning and realization.

Offshore Products

The most commended Geomil systems are the Manta-100, Manta-200, Marlin-120 seabed clamp and the Orca-90/125. Geomil Manta’s are CPT systems for the seabed and can operate at shallow to ultra-deep waters and have the unique design of the Continuous Drive System (CDS). Control and data acquisition are based on real-time communication. The Orca is a down-hole CPT and soil sampling system compatible with several types of drilling methods. The Orca allows for real-time data and has proven to ensure high efficiency and repeatable quality of test results. The Orca systems can be supported by a Marlin seabed system. Uniquely, all Geomil systems are modular.

Every corner of the world

Geomil has a global network of skilled resellers and agents. The company’s highly motivated and experienced team aim for the highest standards in quality and always ensure focus is geared to supporting clients to achieve success. Geomil’s headquarters is in Moordrecht, The Netherlands, We have sales offices in Germany and Malaysia.

Do you want to get in touch with Geomil Equipment, contact us and we will make sure to connect you!